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Everyone can be a philanthropist – Peel Community Foundation will help you make a difference in our community with Philanthropy in Peel

Vision and Purpose

The Peel Community Foundation exists to make a lasting difference in the Peel region.

Our vision is to inspire philanthropy within our own community by inspiring and enabling others to collaborate and actively engage in philanthropy in Peel.

Everyone can be a philanthropist, when you partner with us we will help you make a difference in our community.

We do this through a cost effective and simple mechanism to support our community, by investing in Peel Community Fund through donations and providing scholarships and grants.

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"For a community to be whole and healthy it must be based on people’s love and concern for each other."

Who Are we?

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Originally established in 2008 as the Peel Community Foundation (PCF) we initially operated under the umbrella of the Western Australian Community Foundation (WACF) 

WACF, which was set up under a Federal Government “Fund for the Future”  program – served as a Trustee for 37 community  foundations across WA. 

In Peel an initial Regional Development Scheme donation of $100,000 from the Western Australia State Government ( through the Peel Development Commission), was provided to PCF. 

The inaugural launch of these funds in 2008 saw a further $100.000 donation from Alcoa of Australia.

The  purpose of the Peel Community Foundation was to support and strengthen the communities  of the Peel region by sourcing, growing and distributing endowed funds. These funds were aimed to support emerging needs in the region –  in the arts, cultural, social, educational, environmental and economic sectors.

About Peel Community Foundation

Who Are We

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What We Do

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History of Peel Community Foundation

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How To Support The Peel Community Foundation

Making a Donation

The Peel Community Fund held in partnership with Fremantle Foundation is supporting our community through a lasting legacy.

The Peel Community Fund offers several ways for you to give, we are here to help working with you whatever your personal philanthropic goals are.

We encourage individuals, families and businesses to donate to the Fund so that accumulated capital is retained in the Peel region and the income generates is used to meet the of the local community.

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The Choice Is Yours

For individual donors we make it easy for you to give back.

For not for profits we partner with you around important local issues and if you are without a DGR may provide a medium to access timely finds.

When a donor makes a tax deductible gift to the Fund it is credited to the Gift Fund.  All gifts are pooled for investment purposes and are subject to the Terms of the Foundation Trust Deed.

 Non-tax deductible gifts such as bequests are credited to the Open Fund and pooled  with other bequests. These gifts are subject to the terms of the Open Fund Trust Deed.

 There is no entry fee or establishment cost. Whichever of these forms of giving you may choose will be welcomed.

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Latest Community News

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As a community we can make a difference by helping each other. The Peel Community Foundation offers people with a philanthropic desire to support their community, an opportunity to put their money where their heart is!

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Our Priorities

OUR aim is to partner with diverse donors and advocates to build a fund as a long-term community asset –  a permanent community endowment.

This means donor legacies are really created… forever!

By facilitating connections and collaborations we can bring together a ‘ whole of community’ approach to build the social capital and strengthen our region-by customising our approach to honour the diversity and geographical spread of our region.

By sourcing knowledge to identify and sustainably solve challenges and opportunities in our region we aim to  demonstrate flexibility-  funds can be directed  for real impact for real people in a real meaningful way monitoring of  needs.