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Peel Community Fund Murdoch University Scholarship – 2021

Lilijana’s Story

Lilijana Nicholls is studying forensic sciences through Murdoch’s Undergraduate Forensic Biology and Toxicology course, thanks to receiving a PCF scholarship in 2021

Lilijana says her career aspiration is to work as a Forensic Examiner with the Western Australian Police Force.

“I see this career as one that will combine my passion for science and give me the intellectual challenge of problem- solving as part of teams committed to provide deeper understanding, justice and security to the community we live in.

“Murdoch’s undergraduate Forensic Biology and Toxicology course provides a clear pathway towards this career and I can see it providing me opportunities for lifelong learning,” she says. 

“Being awarded a Peel Community Fund (PCF) scholarship in 2021 was a real honor.

“I am deeply appreciative of PCF’s support – it means a lot to me and my education and will help me not only financially but will also allow me to pursue my passions further into the future with certainty.”

Lilijana has lived in the Peel Region for 15 years and says she loves being a part of the vibrant community which has been created.

“From a young age I have had the opportunity to be immersed in groups and events in the region such as Peel Bright Minds. 

“These experiences are what have led me to be where I am now and have taught me invaluable skills which I will be able to apply within my studies and other areas of my life. “

Currently Lilijana is involved in a project with an organisation called BioBarcode.

“I am part of a team delivering biotechnology incursions to school students across Western Australia, and I am hoping to be able to bring the program down into Peel region schools.

“It was learning opportunities like these which ignited my love of science and I hope to be able to share this love of science and kindle it within other young people within the Peel community.

“I am hoping to continue with Murdoch to complete my honors year, or alternatively a Masters and a then continue to complete a Doctorate.

“While I am currently unsure which field of Forensic Science I will specialize in, Murdoch’s range of units and teaching has already been helpful in allowing me to determine areas where my passions lie.”

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